Tips for Hiring a Divorce Financial Planner

Excellence in Divorce Number Crunching™ is dependent upon extensive knowledge of and experience in the finances of divorce, divorce taxation, local divorce law and practical skills associated with the comprehensive personal financial planning process.  It also requires strict adherence to high standards of professional conduct.  Since divorce financial frequently function as parts of teams, training and experience in divorce mediation and collaborative divorce is also valuable.

One of the best ways of gaining insight into the above parameters is to examine the planner’s website, which should provide insight into the planner’s background and experience, as well as any potential conflicts of interest.  Does the planner, for example, specialize in divorce financial planning and analysis or do the planner’s primary interests and experience fall elsewhere?  Will your interests or the planner’s interests come first during and after the divorce process?  Training and experience are very important and the primary motivator for why practical skills and professional interaction have been incorporated  into the Excellence in Divorce Number Crunching™ process.  What is the planner’s training and experience in divorce work?.

Divorce financial planning needs are highly specialized and require specialized knowledge and skills.  Examples of essential skills are preparation and analysis of financial statements, cash flow management,  tax reduction and management techniques, conflicts between divorce and estate planning, division of retirement assets, college planning, time value of money calculations, tax and practical aspects associated with settling the marital home, needs analyses, economic forecasting, analysis of alternative settlement scenarios, trusts and estates, blended and extended families, Social Security and retirement planning, and analysis of complex career assets.  How knowledgeable and experienced is the planner in these areas?

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