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Our Divorce Analytics team prides itself on its ability to provide clients and allied divorce professionals with our Excellence in Divorce Number Crunching™ services.  Divorce touches upon the entire gamut of a person’s emotions.  To successfully navigate the process, people need to obtain closure on their past, stabilize their current situation and begin to take charge of their future.  These are not easy tasks, and this difficulty is compounded by the legal system’s heavy reliance on the underlying financial issues.

This last difficulty can interfere with a person’s ability to reset his or her life and begin to move on.  As a result, a person’s emotional state can worsen and, to make matters worse, this can lead to poor financial decision-making and a further downhill spiral of emotional and financial damage.

Although we are number crunchers, we understand the importance of this interplay.  Our job is to help people make smart financial decisions in divorce, not provide them with tools to use should they want to go to war.

If you have had a positive experience or have learned something that can be of benefit to other people affected by divorce, we invite you contribute to our Making Lemonade Diary.  Please send your story to [email protected].  We will do our best to publish it in Making Lemonade.  We can do this anonymously if you wish.

One of the things we have  personally done to educate ourselves as divorce financial planners is study the performance poetry of Bob Dylan, who has written and sung extensively about love and loss and who recently won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature for his body of work.  Although sometimes painful to listen to or read, his insights have significantly affected our understanding of the emotional issues people face in divorce.  We strongly believe this has made us better number crunchers.  We dedicate this diary to Bob Dylan.

Healing, Transformation and Divorce

Loss and grief can lead you to a direct experience of your resilience and the great truth of who you are. Paula S. Gilbert, LMHC helps walk you through three questions to ask while grieving the loss of divorce.

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Tomorrow Is A Long Time

Tomorrow Is A Long Time is one of Bob Dylan’s earliest songs about love and loss. In it, he writes about his profound feeling of loneliness. Life goes on despite what might have happened.

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