Divorce Financial Services

“You only get one bite of the apple” in divorce.  Contact us for a free initial consultation and learn how Divorce Analytics can help you make smart, well-informed decisions.


Divorce Analytics can help you:

  • Work more productively with your attorney or mediator and avoid the vagaries of going to court.
  • Get a more realistic understanding of your current and prospective post-divorce financial situations.
  • Make smarter financial decisions and feel more secure about them.
  • Avoid costly and often irreversible mistakes.
  • Avoid getting bogged down in “divorce gamesmanship” and focus attention on the critical financial issues at hand.
  • Develop a better understanding of the long-term financial consequences of alternative settlement scenarios.
  • Avoid financial outcomes driven primarily by emotion.
  • Arrive at financial outcomes that are fair and workable, often more quickly and at less cost.
  • Take charge of your finances after divorce. Avoid letting a potentially workable outcome go bad.  Pursue your long-term financial goals.
  • Improve your money and investment management knowledge and skills.
  • Manage your post-divorce finances and your financial plan, reducing or mitigating unnecessary or unanticipated hardships or risks.
  • Develop a more optimistic outlook for the future.


Examples of financial services provided:

  • Assistance in collecting, organizing and analyzing accurate, complete and reliable financial information.
  • Determining needs for additional documentary evidence or outside experts.
  • Preparing and analyzing Statements of Net Worth.
  • Documenting and analyzing historical and post-separation lifestyle and standard of living (Lifestyle Analysis).
  • Documenting temporary (pendente lite) support needs and paying abilities.
  • Identifying and analyzing career assets, such as complex compensation packages.
  • Analyzing complex and sophisticated investment assets.
  • Determining post-divorce maintenance and child support needs and paying abilities.
  • Economic forecasting.
  • Analyzing alternative settlement scenarios, such as trading the house for the pension or retaining certain assets in exchange for debt, for long-term workability.
  • Recommending alternative scenarios or lifestyle changes when long-term outcomes appear problematic or unworkable.
  • Analyzing tax consequences of settlement scenarios and recommending legal tax minimization strategies when appropriate.
  • Reviewing drafts of domestic relations orders (QDRO’s).
  • Coordinating financial planning issues with estate planning issues.
  • Assistance in overcoming negotiation impasses.
  • Assistance in preparing for depositions, negotiations, conferences or trial. Participating in negotiations and conferences when appropriate.
  • Providing expert testimony in court.
  • Assistance in the development and execution of a post-divorce financial plan. Periodic monitoring and recommending modifications when appropriate.
  • Assistance in post-divorce budgeting and money and investment management, helping facilitate the achievement of long-term financial goals.
  • Help build post-divorce financial management skills.

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