Divorce Calculators

Divorce Analytics uses a combination of proprietary processes, sophisticated software and case-specific analysis in its Excellence in Divorce Number Crunching™ financial calculation process.  No matter which process you decide to use in your divorce (traditional litigation, team litigation, traditional mediation, collaborative divorce or financial team mediation), you will continually be faced with difficult financial decisions.  It is important that the decisions you make during your divorce are informed ones.  Because of the nature of the divorce process, you will often have only a single opportunity to get things right.  Highly skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate financial professionals using state-of-the-art tools are the essential components of any good divorce financial calculator.

The divorce financial planners and trainers at Divorce Analytics have extensive education, training and experience in divorce financial planning, financial forensics and divorce taxation.  In addition, trainings and interactive case consultations, often conducted by Carl M. Palatnik, our Founder and Founding President Emeritus of the Association of Divorce Financial Planners (ADFP), are regular parts of our business day.

A Word of Caution About the Use of Online Calculators

Although some divorce financial calculators can be found online, using them without a good understanding of the underlying complexities can be risky.  Every case is different, and the facts in one case may be drastically different from another.  Even the best calculators are only as good as the data inputted into them.  Some online calculators are too simplistic and may not address certain nuances or pitfslls that might be important to your particular case.  Elements found in some calculators may not be applicable in your state or jurisdiction and could lead to inappropriate conclusions.  The manner in which calculations are done by some online calculators may also be outdated.  In New York and many other states and jurisdictions, for example, laws and calculation formulas for such issues as spousal maintenance/alimony and child support have been in a state of flux.  To avoid potentially costly, inaccurate or misleading divorce financial mistakes, Divorce Analytics cautions against relying on online calculators and suggests that you seek out experienced and knowledgeable divorce financial professionals.  As many have learned the hard way, it is too easy to make critical mistakes that can come back to haunt you later.

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