Benefits of Divorce Financial Planning

Potential Benefits of Divorce Financial Planning to Clients

  • More thorough treatment of financial issues.
  • Better settlements.
  • Avoidance of mistakes.
  • Increased likelihood that an eventual settlement will work.
  • Better understanding of post-divorce financial situations and what might be needed to make them work (reality checks).
  • Reduction in emotional distractions and fears and greater focus on financial issues.
  • Greater focus on needs and paying abilities and less on entitlements.
  • Greater confidence in results and reduced stress in achieving results.
  • Empowerment through knowledge, making work sessions more productive.
  • Acquisition of money management tools, such as proper budgeting.
  • Increased client optimism for the future.

Benefits to Divorce Professionals

  • Same as the client benefits listed above.
  • Reduced liability or concerns about liability.
  • Reduced stress.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduced need to revisit financial issues.
  • Increased long-term client satisfaction, potentially leading to additional client work and expanded referrals.
  • Increased ability to focus on the negotiation process and not get bogged down with the financial issues.

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